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Mater Deian Core Values

Talino, Tiyaga, higit sa lahat, Pusong Dakila

We want to give the youth and every learner that opportunity and space to connect with themselves and their unique potential. Mater Dei believes that education is first and foremost an education of the heart. It is a journey that develops and celebrates the learners’ Talino, Tiyaga, higit sa lahat, Pusong Dakila….

The Five Core Values

Teaching and LEarning with A Heart

Faith moves us to aim for excellence in responding to the call of stewardship. A Mater Deian teacher and learner respond to Christ’s call to evangelization through caring education. We believe that education that truly transforms is a holistic, formative process, a continuing journey impelled by the right purpose and nourished by the spirit of true collaboration, rather than competition.

The gift of Mater Dei Academy to the world is every Mater Deian learner that never stops striving to learn and be imbued with competence (Talino), grit (Tiyaga), and most of all, integrity (Pusong Dakila), not only for oneself, but most of all, for others.

Mater Dei Academy, is the first private mission school in Santa Maria, Bulacan to have qualified to offer a Special Science curriculum (SSC) starting Grade 7, under the supervision of the Department of Education. Its SSC students comprise of science-oriented honor graduates from different public and private elementary schools of Sta. Maria and its neighboring towns.

Special science students coming from public schools are able to enjoy scholarship through FAPE and other benefactors, particularly, Project Phi pioneered by Mr. Ben Pousty and Ms. Cathy Valeros.

As a non-profit, Mater Dei was put up by 40 individual contributors, whose vision of an accessible, conducive learning environment is now being made a reality by an increasing number of highly competent mission-minded educators in Bulacan. Both groups have pooled their material resources and intellectual capacities to be able to sustainably offer quality education at minimum cost to parents.

The school was established in 1994 in honor of Mary, the Mother of God, after whom the school is named. Among the pioneers of the school included three priests in Bulacan, namely: Rev. Msgr. Albert Suatengco, Rev. Msgr. Luciano Balagtas, CP and Rev. Fr. Leon Coronel, then parish priest of Pulong Buhangin, Sta. Maria, Bulacan where the school is located. To date, they are still active members of the school’s Board of Trustees.

Mater Dei Academy has made possible an important yet overlooked way to build equity in education. This is through a mission-based school model that makes quality science education within the reach of children from low income families.

Mater Dei aims to be at the forefront of innovations for social change, innovations that are humanistic, pro-people, ethical, takes care of people and the environment and born out of our shared convictions.


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